About 42% of small businesses have some kind of mobile app, and while some have more success than others, the outcome of having an app for a business is positive. Of course, making an app isn’t easy, and there are certain things to keep in mind. If you’re wondering if your business should still get a mobile app, here are a few reasons to motivate you.


By Colleen Jansen

In today’s competitive environment, every company is moving toward a software-driven approach. Nowadays, businesses and companies have been seeking to enhance their infrastructure in order to improve software development effectiveness and bring technological advances and innovations to market faster than ever before. To take advantage of this, many businesses are adopting a DevOps strategy. According to Grand View Research analysis, the DevOps industry is anticipated to reach 12.85 billion dollars by 2025. DevOps is assisting businesses in achieving their goal, but what exactly is DevOps? What are the most effective DevOps strategies?