Competitive advantage through mobility

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, 960 Grid System, DOM, JSON
Xamarin, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Appcelerator, Widgetpad, MoSync, Whoop

Real time information and personal monitoring systems

WatchKit, PebbleKit, Toq, Tizen, WareIT, SENtrode, GPS, Alerts, Location Services
Calorie Burner, Activity Monitor, Heart Rate, Pressure, Weather, Traffic, Tracking

Surveillance and Tracking for Industry and Hobbyist

Flight System, Battery Status, Remote Controller, Range Extender, Camera, Gimbal
Video Link, Telemetry, Radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS Tracking, Flight Path Execution

Mobile content delivery made simple

AJAX, Bootstap.js, Node.js, Responsive, JQuery Mobile, Cascade Style Sheet 3
Canvas, AngularJS, Ext Core, ScriptSculoUs, SWFObject, SPF

Real time information by context and location

Geolocation, MooTools, Dojo, Prototype, YUI, Phonegap, iBeacon
Bing Maps, Google Map, MapKit Framework, BlackBerry Maps

Content delivered to all devices over all networks

XML, JSON, Fragments, SOAP API's, Swift, iOS7, REST API's, XAML,NDK, Facebook
LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter

Augmented Reality and Terrain Overlaying

Kudan AR, OpenGL, SLAM, Target Tracking, Smart Terrain, Marker Overlay, Coupon Redemption, Vuforia
2D and 3D Recognition, Epson Moverio, Google Glass, ODG-7, Vuzix M100
2D ARToolKit, LayAR, ACCUPiX, DiGiOptix

Virtual Reality and Digital Immersion

Oculus, Daydream View, HoloLense, Magic Leap, Vive, Gear VR, WorldViz, PlayStation VR
Xbox VRML, Protocol Zero, EON, SpatialOS; Interactive 3D Applications: Medical
Education, Gaming, Military, Entertainment, Scientific Visualization

Social Media and Virtual Communities

Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tieba, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp
Anti Cyberbullying, Anti Trolling, Honeycomb Framework, Bots, Chatbots; Social Capital
Tools Buffer, Brand24, Nuzzel, Cyfe, Nuvi, Openr, Meokay; Design Pixlr, Kuler, Compfight
Analytics 33Across, BrandWatch, LocalResponse, Moz, SproutSocial, Topsy

Internet of Things and Smart Infrastructure

GE Predix, Cisco Kinetic, Azure IoT Suite, Applications: Vehicle Telematics, Asset Management
Smart Cities, Healthcare Wearable Monitors, Intelligent Grids, Predictive Maintenance
Advanced Metering, Cognitive Analytics: Watson IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Consultation and Diagnosis, Virtual Care, Informatics Sharing, Patient Privacy, Telemedicine Carts
Telemedicine Kiosks; Equipment: Remote 4K Cameras, Digital Stethoscope, Remote Vital Signs Monitors
Smart Phones, Tablets, Desktop/Laptop Computers; Software: Telemedicine App, eVisit, Electronic Medical
Records, Virtual Clinics, Virtual Waiting Rooms; Applications: Rural Healthcare, Remote Patient
Monitoring, Home Healthcare, Pharmacy Integration, Lab and Diagnostic Integration.


Apps Faster, Cheaper, Better.

AppsUnify, Inc. welcomes your visit to our website. We are a leading developer of mobile apps serving clients globally. We are vendor neutral, meaning we are Platform and Manufacturer agnostic, and develop a full complement of applications from simple Content Delivery Systems to more sophisticated enterprise grade Field Services Automation utilizing GPS and Telemetry, enforcing robust Security, and safeguarding user Privacy.We encourage you to give us an opportunity to develop an app for your organization so that you can grade the quality of our work and the viability of us becoming your mobile development partner. For businesses that elect to develop their apps internally, we suggest engaging us in the QA Testing of your apps. We perform robust QA on apps across all platforms, all devices, all form factors, and confirms backwards compatibility.



Industries and Applications

AppsUnify has experience developing apps across all commonly used Platforms and Devices, spanning applications in Customer Relationship, Supply Chain, Sales Quotations, Inspection Standards; and in industries that are data or transaction intensive including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Media, eCommerce, and Online Banking.


Forums and Interest Groups

We are an active member of several Special Interest Groups, User Communities, and Forums that promote the implementation of mobile apps to facilitate more innovative means of online commerce, professional networking, and community outreach. This creates cycles of dialogue, change, feedback, that culminates in wider group acceptance.


  • Drones and Telemetry

    Greater interest is being directed to the development of more standard apps that has telemetry implementation to manage drones and other remote vehicles. Most of the systems in telemetry are proprietary, but there is significant advantage to be attained if these are developed as standard apps that are executed from regular devices. This will simplify the usability of these technologies making it accessible to younger audiences.

  • Wearable Devices

    Wearable devices such as Google Glass, Smart Watches, Health Bands are gradually becoming center stage. As consumers gravitate towards wearable devices there will be a new generation of apps targeting this emerging market. AppsUnity is actively performing its own R&D on apps that reach this market as this trend becomes popular culture. This is an innovative approach to defusing technology to target markets that are eager to experience new gadgets.

Mobile Application Strategies to Attract New Business

Location Services

Proximity Awareness

Big Data

Targeted Segments

Social Media

Continually Connected

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