Competitive advantage through mobility.
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, 960 Grid System, DOM, JSON

Xmarin, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Appcelerator, Widgetpad, MoSync, Whoop

Competitive advantage through mobility.
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, 960 Grid System, DOM, JSON

Xmarin, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Appcelerator, Widgetpad, MoSync, Whoop



AppsUnify develops and engineers mobile business applications encompassing all common mobile languages, operating systems, hardware devices, form factors, network carriers, and manufacturers. Apps are developed for general consumers using phones and tablets, business users demanding higher productivity when mobile, field personnel performing remote support, engineers in industrial implementations such as process control and telemetry, and R&D institutions requiring connectivity across systems.

AppsUnify is technocratic in structure and entrepreneurial in culture. The company was established in 2000 by computer science and engineering graduates that have taken the company from startup to maturity through their technical savvy. AppsUnify’s technical leadership in mobile apps development is the key determinant that has driven the growth and differentiation of the business. All new recruits are screened and selected based on their knowledge of mobile technologies and are mentored in practices that are highly app centric.

Mobile connectivity has become an essential ingredient when performing most social, business, or industrial tasks. There are apps that facilitate most aspects of human endeavor. AppsUnify has performed a broad survey on the proliferation of mobile apps across demographics and sectors, and has established a set of proprietary metrics highlighting the characteristics and attributes that make apps viral and permanent. These metrics are applied in all new development, resulting in apps that are functionally superior and virally contagious.


  • Capabilities

    AppsUnify observes full lifecycle practices when developing mobile apps, which includes Analysis, Planning, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance. Apps are developed in HTML5, Objective C, Java, WinRT, iOS, Android, and RIM; covering smart phones and tablets, ranging in sizes from 5 to 10 inches; operating in networks such as LTE, EDGE, EV-DO, and HSPA; over domestic and international carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange; supporting manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Motorola/Google, Nokia/Microsoft, LG, Sony, and other less known brands.

  • Differentiators

    AppsUnify has become unique in its development practices and delivery capabilities through proprietary techniques for engineering virally contagious apps with human machine interface that are extremely intuitive, graphically appealing, while demanding minimum user interaction for functional execution. AppsUnity also capitalizes on a vast array of 3rd party controls such as Telerik, Infragistics, ComponentOne, Xamarin, and Cocoa; and platform agnostic tools including PhoneGap, MoSync, and Whoop. The blend of proprietary techniques, 3rd party controls, and platform agnostic tools significantly sets AppsUnify apart from the competition.

  • Facilities

    Projects are executed from AppsUnify’s development facility in Southern India, which staffs just over 60 Application Programmers, Software Engineers, QA Testers, Network Administrators, Technology Architects, Systems Analysts, Project Managers, and Administrative Staff. In rounded figures, this development facility houses 10 Apple Design Stations, 8 Dell Servers, 2 HP Servers, 10 Photoshop Stations, 60 Coding PCs, 20 QA Testing PCs, 2 8TB NAS, 4 Land Lines, 2 VOIP Phones, 1 Central PBX, 1 10KVA Backup Generator, 8KVA UPS, Offsite Disaster Recovery Station, 24x7 Manned Security, in 3 8 Hour Operating Shifts.


President and CEO - An established veteran in the high technology industry, operating across three continents, and known for leading three startups that have been managed to maturity and financial stability.

Chief Operating Officer - An expert at overseeing large scale complex engagements across technology platforms, manages a vast network of human capital spanning countries / languages, has travelled the globe.


We have been impressed by your company's organizational skills, tact and professionalism. We weren't looking for a new partner, but we have found one. We look forward to working with your company for a long time.

Dennis C.
California, US

We use AppsUnify to extend our staff and expertise. We get excellent project management, code, and support that set them apart from other software engineering groups. Their proficiency with mobile apps has allowed us to expedite our mobile offerings, certainly much faster and cost effectively than doing it ourselves.

Ron R.
Texas, US

Our programming needs cover a wide variety of languages and versions, old and new, and they have been able to provide resources to take care of our projects, big or small. With their thorough handling of projects, they not only satisfy the requests, but provide guidance for ways to make the end products better.

Steve S.
Pennsylvania, US