By Alex Slobozhan

Small-scale mobile app development will cost you up to $8,000, while gaming app development costs can reach a whopping $250,000. You’d think such investments would have a respectable ROI, but, according to industry research, only one in 10,000 apps will be successful one year after launch. Why do so many mobile applications fail with all the time and resources spent on development? There is a host of reasons, but we have found six important factors that can precipitate your enterprise’s failure. Use our checklist before you start the development process to increase your chances of success.


By Steven Lerner

Which mobile operating system provides the best level of security in the enterprise? Is it Android or is it iOS? Let’s examine the potential flaws in both of these operating systems, as well as strategies to boost security posture. These security risks are enough to make mobility leaders think twice about issuing Android devices for employees.