By Max Shestov

With the advancement in technology, the internet, and web-based applications, the number of smartphone users has increased manifold. This growing number of smartphone users worldwide is almost half of the world’s population now – 4 Billion. According to data forecasts, it will grow several hundred million in coming years. Smartphone users like to carry technology on the go. Yes, smartphone users work 90% of their time with applications but most of them are related to games and utility.


By Stu Sjouwerman

Smartphones are ubiquitous, and it is very common nowadays for people to use personal mobile devices for work. While it can add convenience and boost productivity, mobile technology also represents a serious threat to security. According to CheckPoint’s Mobile Security Report 2021, nearly every organization (97%) faced mobile threats last year, and 46% of them had to deal with at least one employee downloading a malicious mobile app.